Our Free Base Package

Start for free,
upgrade as you grow

At Tuaris, we firmly believe that excellent customer service is the key to increasing recommendations and repeating sales.

That's why we offer a free plan for personal, professional use, or simply for exploring possibilities.

The FREE plan allows:
100 documents/month (max 20 opened/in-progress)
1,000 visitors/month
Basic approval flow

The PRO plan allows you to customize documents with the corporate image, upload documents, and provide greater control on the approval flow.



USD per month

Can be upgraded for $10 for every
500 orders, 5.000 visitors, 10 users
and 1 GB storage


  • Bitcoin


Yes, of course! You can use the free plan for your business as it was designed for individuals and small teams who don't require advanced features and branding options.

You can upgrade your subscription in lots of 500 documents for $10 each. For example, if you create 1.500 documents per month (that's 50 per day) , the monthly subscription will be $30. The same applies to the number of visitors, users, and storage: If you make one or more documents public (i.e., for events, educational plans, NGO, or government actions), it costs $10 for every 5.000 visitors.

For safety, to keep our resources balanced, the number of visitors will be limited, and any visitor exceeding that limit will see an "unavailable" message. If you don't know in advance how many visitors you'll get, we can unlock the limitation and charge the exceeding resources on the next billing cycle. Please contact us for details.

Each visitor is someone that accesses a document in 30 days. If you share a document with a customer, it counts as 1 visit. If they re-share the document with 5 co-workers, it counts as 6 visitors. Under normal business conditions, you don't need to worry about this number. It will likely affect companies that publish massive events or organizations that share the document URL in their newsletters and their websites.
Logged-In users don't count as visitors.

All the features and limits of PRO will be kept until the end of the subscription period. Please note that once you cancel, you'll have to wait until the subscription expires (your account will be downgraded to the FREE plan) before you can re-subscribe to PRO again. In case of a downgrade, you don't lose any documents or files. Everything that was created under the PRO subscription will be kept that way, but you won't be able to make changes (i.e., upload new files, change approvals in steps, etc.)

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