Plan & Track

Instantly share the progress of your work with customers and your team

Tuaris helps improving customer service, taking fast notes for planning and task prioritization.

A customer holding his smartphone displaying a Tuaris document
Tuaris for Customer Care

Send all the information your customers need.
Easy and fast.

Picture of the header of a Tuaris document
Work scope & Contacts

Tuaris documents show the work description, the customer's special requests, conditions, and a contact list.

Picture of the time line listing all possible states
The Timeline

Lists all the amount of work needed to get the job done: all steps and their progress.

Animation of the approval flow
Approval Flow

Tuaris documents allow requesting approval for budgets, scope confirmation or finished work.

Picture of the feedback and comment module

Tuaris provides options that encourages the customer to express their thoughts about your service.

Tuaris for Planning

Flexibility that allows you to focus on what really matters, anytime.

Save your ideas fast

Add new ideas and tasks categorized by topic or work really simple

Prioritize your tasks

Easily move projects or tasks to visualize the right order

Check the progress

Designed to update content with minimal effort

For your business

Tuaris is a bit more than a tool to plan and show the tasks progress: It's your helper to build a better customer service.

Maximize the value
of your service

A detailed, task-divided plan helps customers understand the sales price of your service and products.

Cover the work
history from end to end

Display all the stages of the work to your customers consistently, even when part of the work is done by third-parties.

Get instant feedback
before the work is finished

Permanently capture feedback from customers to take corrective action on time. Don't miss opportunities.

Record the work history of each customer

Instead of creating a document per work, you can create one per customer and easily keep track of all pending work and its history in one place.


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About Tuaris

Our mission is to facilitate access to technological solutions that improve the quality of work and the way it gets done.


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